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A new kitchen can be a strong investment in your home with one of the highest rates of return of any home improvement. More importantly, it's where we live and contributes greatly to how we feel and how effective we are in our daily lives. There are no decisions in a kitchen that are unimportant. That is why you need me at your side, listening to your ideas and sharing some of my ideas and experiences so that together we can come up with a design that is perfect for you and yours. Let's face it, kitchens cost a lot of money and when they are finished small disappointments can become constant annoyances. You can go see the designers at the major kitchen centers but they work on commission and are limited in scope to the products they carry. You get to deal with me from beginning to completion. Talk to my former clients and find out why they now rely on me for all of their home needs.

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the most expensive room in your house and also the most used. How does your bathroom make you feel? As an artist and a contractor this is one of my primary concerns. I believe that a room that requires this kind of investment should be a beautiful expression of the owner's spirit; reflecting the owners unique personality.

Condo Remodeling
People that live in condos generally want someone to just take care of everything so they don't have to. After all, if they wanted all the hassles they could buy a house. We are excellent at condos for several reasons. Because we work out of a large delivery style vehicle that houses all of our tools and even has a lift gate for using loading docks, we are able to pull up and bring everything in and out on wheels. Because we handle most everything in house and have nice guys that work well together in small spaces, we can get in and out quick for minimal disruption of your life.

Additions & Garages
As a person who believes that beauty enriches the soul one of the things that often offends my eye is when I see an addition or garage that does not mirror the architectural design of the primary structure. Not only do we build to the highest quality standards, we work hard to duplicate the original architecture so that, aside from being better constructed, our additions and garages look like they are original. And while our bid may be nearly as expensive as the larger builders, you get much more for your money because you get personal service and attention to detail that in the end give you a much better product.

Structural Repairs
I often hear people say “they don't build the like they used to” and I say it's a darn good thing. Today's codes are much stricter and today's high-tech materials can create much better buildings if the builder chooses to take the high road. That said, many of our houses are the victims of insects, water damage, or just poor builder choices and workmanship.

It is a wonderful thing when a door works well and a terrible inconvenience when it does not. Weather you need your doors repaired, refinished, or replaced, we can give you the highest quality solutions available. We steel reinforce our lock jambs to prevent kick-ins and know our way around sweeps and weather stripping options, including copper and brass interlocking sets. We also take historic doors and re-hang them in new jambs with modern kerf-style weather stripping.

Window prices are all over the map and very rarely does the homeowner get what they pay for, especially if they call the big companies with big advertising budgets who have slick salesmen and high pressure closing techniques. Unlike them, I can't give you a 25% discount because my prices just aren't that high to start with. Because we don't pay the big commissions and we sell all makes of windows we can offer you great value on the windows that are right for your home and your budget.

We offer everything when it comes to windows from high end architectural series windows to entry level vinyl window that you often see price advertised. Most houses call for something in between. Whatever windows you choose, we offer the highest quality installation at very competitive prices.

Most window installers are there only to install windows and will gloss over problems that exist just because of their limited capability to address other issues. Because we are a full service contractor we are equipped to handle anything that may come up and can do your windows as one part of a larger picture.

We also do restoration of historic windows and have the best technology available for lead paint removal and weatherproofing. Let me take your beautiful old windows and make them better than new.

Drywall & Painting
We have one of the best drywall contractors in Volusia area so we can patch textures perfectly and do repairs that are economical and permanent. When we paint we make sure to use products and techniques that provide not only a quality appearance but also long term durability. Our drywall and painting service is one link in a very strong chain of services that insure you overall quality in your remodeling projects.

Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC
You want the systems in your home to look great and work great. You want maximum energy efficiency to lower your operating costs. You want a home that you can trust with the safety and health of your family. You need a contractor you can trust to make sure that all work is done with ongoing safety and efficiency in mind. Bottom line, when you deal with us, I personally make sure everything is right.

Custom Cabinetry & Trim
How about if every member of the family had a coat cabinet that had places for their shoes, coats, and school books. Or maybe a direct vent fireplace and mantle with a flat screen built in. We can change out your doors, put up crown molding, and even replicate your historic trim.

Brick Patios and Retaining Walls
We start with a design that looks great and provides good drainage. We then build a base that will hold up and not let any bricks sag over time. We also build a permanent edge of brick reinforced by concrete under grade that is far superior to the plastic edges so common to the industry. But the dramatic visual difference is that we use real clay bricks because they look better, do not fade, and do not need sealed like concrete pavers from the home centers. Of course you can have whatever you want you are the customer. But for a very small price difference you can have real brick.

Commercial  Interiors
We work at night if that is what is needed to keep you up and running. Full repair and installation services. Specializing in public bathrooms and ADA compliance.

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